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Digital Bowling Ball Scales

Adjustable Ball Compass
Precision Grip Gauge
Axis Reversing Tool
Precision Edge Gauge
Diff Scale
Ball Scale
Compass side view

compass on ball

grip gauge
grip gauge on ball
Jart Side View
JART on ball

Align JPEG to Fingers

Precision Digital Pitch Gauge

Precision Ball Surface Scanner
Gauge Only    PitchGaugeOnBall

NEW in 2010...

Precision Ball Surface Scanner

Scan a Bowling Ball Surface for Roughness and Consistency

Precision Laser Optical Scanner with Computerized Control and Analysis

Why scan the ball surface? 
  • The two most important parameters to ball performance that are controllable in the pro-shop are Ball Surface Roughness (Ra & RS, 2008 USBC Ball Motion Study). Now, you can measure and control these parameters;
  • Measure a ball surface before and after resurfacing to verify the consistency of the ball surface finish and the performance of your resurfacing equipment;
  • Customer ball-track checkups: Learn which surface roughness yields the desired customer performance, and then be able to quantitatively confirm that you’ve reproduced it. No more guesswork! Measure the roughness of the ball track, and compare it with previous measurements;
  • Generate more business for your Pro-Shop! Your customers will bring you their equipment periodically for resurfacing, knowing that you can restore their preferred surface.

Easy to use control software allows you to store customer files for later reference and comparison

Fast and Easy to Use. Results in seconds!

Shipping in Fall, 2010
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Attention Bowling Visitors!

    Welcome to our bowling web page. PAI continues to innovate in the bowling industry, and we have several new products on the horizon.

    To serve the bowling community better, we are delighted to be represented by Jayhawk Bowling Supply. Please contact Jayhawk if you wish to purchase any of our precision devices.

    Of course, feel free to contact us if you need additional information. Also, you can ask questions and make comments on our YouTube and Facebook pages! 

Precision Digital Pitch Gauge
Gauge Only


Tired of guessing the diameter and pitch of drilled holes?

Now, measure them accurately with the

Precision Digital Pitch Gauge
"Without a doubt the most accurate pitch gauge on the market."

Some comments from 2008 Bowl Expo:
  • "Without a doubt the most accurate pitch gauge on the market."
  • "You should call it the 'Whole Gauge' since it measures the diameters, pitches and oval angles."
  • "If you had to buy pitch gauges and a digital micrometer you'd be in the same price neighborhood, but with far less accuracy and convenience."
  • "Much faster, and more accurate to boot. Especially with ovals."
  • "You can even measure the pitch of oval holes!"
  •  "I was sold when I realized I could measure the sleeve for interchangeable grips. Other pitch gauges can't handle the larger hole."
  • "Essentially simulates a drill bit in the ball. How can you miss?"

  • Displays diameter and pitch measurements to the nearest 0.001".
  • Accurate even with dual pitch holes.
  • Measure oval dimensions and oval angle.
  • Measures hole diameters from 0.5 to 1.6 inches; ideal for interchangeable grips!
  • Rugged construction, with steel probes.
  • Uses one 9V battery, with low battery alarm and automatic power-off function.

More information about the Precision Digital Pitch Gauge (.pdf)

  >>>  Download the Instruction Manual  <<<
(revised 8-15-2008)

Jayhawk's web page for this product

Precision Edge Gauge
  Introduced in 2007, this device was developed in collaboration with experienced ball drillers who prepare and drill grip layouts using edge-to-edge grip dimensions. Quickly and accurately measures and copies exisiting grip layouts, and makes new layouts a snap. Extremely reproducible, and calibrates to your own drilling style. Drillers tell us once they start using it, they never change back!

Users say without a doubt, one of the most valuable tools for the money in your shop!

Precision Automatic Differential Ball Scale
differential ball scale

scale console
  The Precision Differential Ball Scale accurately measures the weight and balance properties of a bowling ball by first weighing the ball, rotating it 180°, and then weighing it again. The measurement only requires eight seconds, making the scale ideal for use in manufacturing and tournament environments.

Precision Digital Ball Scale
ball scale

scale console
   In production since 2004, the Precision Digital Ball Scale is a fast and accurate way to measure the weight and balance properties of a bowling ball. This manual device is designed for use in pro-shops, and is simple to maintain and operate. Based upon feedback from pro-shops and tournaments, we continue to make design enhancements. Our latest model is more stable than the earlier models, and is more forgiving of out-of-round balls. Each scale is shipped with a calibration ball for easy setup and verification of scale performance.

usbc tourn 1
  The USBC Open Championships have used this scale to screen every ball since the 2005 season. Each scale screens about 200,000 balls per season!

Axis Reversing Tool

Grip to PAP

  The Axis Reversing Tool is a fast and intuitive layout device that allows you to easily and accurately visualize all possible grip layout locations relative to the positive axis point (PAP). First introduced at Bowl Expo in 2005, the tool has already gained wide acceptance.

Precision Grip Gauge
grip gauge

fit to grip

The Precision Grip Gauge performs several practical functions:

  • Copies existing grip layouts from one ball to another;
  • Measures grip parameters according to USBC regulations (references hole centers) and finds the regulation grip center;
  • Dial in a grip with known parameters; speeds grip layout, allowing grip layout to be viewed before marking and drilling. 

Precision Adjustable Ball Compass
on ball

compass side 

compass intersection    This handy device not only allows you to draw accurate "equators" around the ball, but it is especially useful for finding the intersection of the pin-to-PAP and CG-to-PAP distances.

   The compass is calibrated in inches and degrees to accommodate a variety of uses.

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